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Hi, let’s talk about money.

Have you wondered why Cashapp only works in the US? How about AliPay in China, Toss in Korea, Paytm in India, or Worldpay in the UK?

Why are these apps all local? Why can’t we send $1 to friends overseas? We can send a text instantly, but why not money?

We have another important question.

Did you know that 1.7 billion people have no bank account? That is 1/5th of the world’s population! Banks are everywhere, so why can’t everyone have an account?

We dug in a little bit to find out why. It was rather simple. Money doesn’t move like data, and banks don’t like people with no credit.

This was outrageous! We live in the 21st century where everything is accessible on a phone, but billions of people still can’t access money?

So we set out on a mission. We’re going to EXPORT economic freedom to all edges of the world so that EVERYONE has access to money.

Is this something you find interesting? Join the waitlist and participate in our mission! I promise you. It’ll be one hell of a journey!

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